Cloud platform AWS facilitates advanced analytics, database storage and deployment services to scale applications and lower IT Costs. We serve our clients with a self-service option for deploying, automating and managing cloud-environments.


We build powerful services and platforms to deploy applications and broadcast machine learning framework support anywhere. Our expertise in adding intelligence to any application flexibly with a diverse selection of pre-trained services that provides system vision, language analysis and Chatbot functionality

Big Data

We are proficient in developing highly scalable and agile big data applications with no procurement of hardware and maintenance of infrastructure. It’s a power to challenge real time business problems and technology decisions which harvest unique outcomes.


We deliver capabilities such as device registration, connectivity, control and storage of Internet of Things data. Serving our clients with a managed IOT platform and a cloud-hosted service to evolve connectivity of sensor devices to the Internet and driving a connected world.

Networking and Security

Efficiently inspecting the security vulnerabilities via security assessment tool that monitors AWS environment and checks for network security. Offering our clients the right solutions to fill the cost of data breach and identify security pain points and risk level.

Our Clients