5 ways the internet of things will improve your life

5 ways the internet of things will improve your life


Since the dawn of civilization, there have been persistent efforts by man to better his standard of living. From the light bulb to the automobile- every innovation was aimed at making our lives easier. If we talk about the present times, iot is an innovation which holds a lot of promise in its ability to further simplify things for the modern man.


  1. Remote control households:  When all of your appliances are connected to the internet, you can operate them from anywhere- whether you want to turn on the lights to scare away the burglars or check what is in the fridge before you set off on your journey home from work, the internet of things has truly made life simpler.

  2. Improved home security: IoT is changing the way that people keep an eye on their homes. Even when you’re not at home, you can keep an eye on the pets, the kids or the back door that has a dodgy look.

  3. Simpler shopping: You may think that having groceries delivered to your door is novel, but in years to come you won’t even have to fill out a shopping list- your smart cupboards and smart fridge will know what you need before you do.

  4. Lower household bills: Intelligent heating systems will be able to keep your household bills lower by monitoring your energy use and making sure you’re only using the gas and electricity you really need.

  5. No more instruction manuals: You’ll be able to tell the microwave what you’re cooking rather than fiddle around with dials and buttons on the front and shout out the movie you want to see at your smart television set instead of having to wade through a complicated on-screen guide with a remote control.

IoT is one of the manifestations of the hyperconnected, globalised world we live in today. It is truly a wonder that has revolutionized technology in a manner that was unthinkable of decades ago.

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