Cloud Apps for Business Enterprises

Cloud Apps for Business Enterprises

Despite being the emerging technology, cloud adoption is much faster than the rest of the technologies. Both large and small business are moving towards cloud services to efficiently utilize their IT resources and maximize their return on investment.

According to an expert, investing on cloud computing infrastructure and platform will expand the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) up to 30% since 2013 to 2018 compared to 5 % growth for overall enterprise IT which give rise to the CASB market.

Cloud Computing services are becoming increasingly popular in IT industry. According to a study, it was predicted that 78% of small enterprises will adopt cloud services by 2020. 

The true power of the cloud is a rapid deployment of the applications in the cloud using cloud services that are meant truly for the business expansion and growth.

Cloud services that accelerate the business.

A true cloud application is a software as a service product that runs on different computers for redundancy and scalability and access control for multiple customers.

Which cloud applications are most popular with business users?
Let’s throw some light on the cloud apps famous among Business Enterprises:

Dropbox: Dropbox is a cloud storage, file sharing, syncing and collaboration app available for iPhone, iPad and Blackberry devices. It facilitates sharing of files, folders, images etc. to the individuals and the business enterprises. This service provides 2 GB storage for free and up to 100 GB on various subscription plans.
According to study:
500 million-Users accessing Dropbox.
1.2 billion-Number of files uploaded daily to Dropbox.
3.3 billion-Number of sharing connections created on Dropbox.

Amazon Web Services: AWS is a secure cloud application that provides database storage, analytics, application and deployment services that help enterprises lower IT costs, scale applications and compute power to help the business grow. Millions of customers are using AWS cloud products and solutions to build flexible, scalable and reliable applications.
Amazon’s AWS is now a $7.3 billion business as it passes 1 million active enterprise customers. Salesforce is a customer relationship management service that helps your business grow into more effective and efficient organization across sales, service marketing etc. All Salesforce products composed of Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, App Cloud, IOT Cloud etc. involves no expensive setup costs, no maintenance and it facilitates work from any device and anywhere.
Salesforce Sales Cloud supports sales, marketing and customer support in both B2B and B2C contexts. It helps in tracking customer information and automate business processes.
From 2015 to 2020, cloud computing will generate $389 billion in new revenues for Salesforce customers and App users.
In 2016 fiscal year, generated 6.7 billion dollars in revenue.

Box: Box is a cloud app that facilitates file-sharing, collaboration with other tools, uploading of files to its servers. It keeps your files safe and secure on a cloud platform. This app provides cloud storage and files hosting for personal accounts and businesses. From 2014 to 2017 BOX has grown from $200 Million to 1.2 Billion USD.
Expand your business by utilizing these cloud apps and reach towards the heights of success.

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