Enterprise Architect: Inventor of Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architect: Inventor of Enterprise Architecture


Having sailed through the corporate sea for many years, I filled my bag with many pearls and shells. “Enterprise architecture” is one of such pearls.


Ever wondered why Enterprise Architecture is becoming the buzz word in corporate hierarchy??


Well! It has earned the recognition because of close thread connections with almost each and every department and immense set of associated benefits.


Enterprise Architecture is no alien in the corporate world. It is a term coined by Richard Saul Wurman way back in 1975. EA is more concentrated towards organizational change management, capability evolution and strategic decision making. It talks more about IT and business alignment.


What an enterprise architect does for your business


  1. It combines future and existing business goals of an organization with IT strategies of the organization in order to meet desired goals of the organization.
  2.  Accelerates the use of shared applications and infrastructure within the organization in order to get decreased levels of costing and a smooth functioning information system.
  3. Drafts and implements right security policies and standards which in turn makes a full proof system for the IT assets of organization.
  4. Monitors and tracks ever changing business requirements and provides a robust, scalable and flexible enterprise solution to the organization.
  5. After scanning of proper business need and technological functionalities, it ensures full usage of information management system.
  6. Monitors and gives key suggestions for drafting and finalizing policy, guidelines and standards of IT assets and procedures.
  7. Goes ahead with employee skill sets and highlights them in particular area of expertise.


Expertise that enriches your business


  • Complete grasp of business knowledge about enterprise architecture
  • In depth know how of IT Governance and operations.
  • Enriched knowledge bank in hardware, software and system engineering.
  • Specialized skill set of project management, planning and organizational management.
  • Hands on expertise and experience in financial modelling.


Why reaping benefits from EA becomes so crucial?


Well! It becomes crucial for organizations to implement enterprise architecture because it has a lot of benefits for the organization and it can lead the organization to fight the cut throat competition in the industry.


Process upgradation:

In general, stakeholders are the real business owners. Implementation of enterprise architecture controls and combats associated risk and exposure of the process thus making it more focussed and target driven.


Standardization of technology and cost depletion:

EA massively lessens the duplicity of tasks and efforts. Within a process, there are systems and sub systems which are being reused with the usage of enterprise architecture. The series of all this action heavily cuts down the cost of process.


Strategic differentiation:

This segment showcases the real blend of new competitive strategies, acquiring new market segments and a completely new vision towards your business. Actually, it provides more liberty at departmental level for innovations.

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