Future of Cloud Computing

Future of Cloud Computing

Today, cloud computing has become the fuzzword for the techy people.

According to the statistics, the worldwide market for cloud computing is growing at a CAGR of 30% to reach US$ 270 billion throughout the year 2020.

Cloud Computing is the fast emerging technology and a vital component in business enterprise IT framework. The cutting-edge innovations and business-specific applications of cloud computing have set certain high-level standards which need to be meet in near future.

As the adoption of the cloud computing by the business enterprises raises, the demand for IT professionals also increases as they are only ones who can efficiently implement the applications of cloud technology.

Future Cloud More Powerful, More Expansive.

A research says, 47% of the marketing departments will move approximately 60% of their data applications to the cloud. Most of the business enterprises are migrating their database, emails and business applications like ERP, CRM and industry-specific apps to the cloud for higher benefits.

Cloud computing comes with thousands of possibilities holding potential opportunities and capabilities for the business enterprise to raise business profits.

The 3 big cloud vendors- Amazon, Google and Microsoft have stated their financial results in the cloud for the fourth quarter of 2016.

  • Amazon confirms strong growth with AWS revenue growth rate of 47% in the quarter to $3.5 billion and the business earned $926 million in the quarter, up from $540 million in Q4 2015.
  • Microsoft is doing great with the growth rate of 8% in the fourth quarter reach to $6.9 billion.
  • Google says it’s doing well in the cloud which results in $3.4 billion hit up to 62%.

Here are some of the predictions that sets the future guidelines for cloud computing:

  1. More Business enterprise adopts cloud services to develop unique ways to sell their services to get lucrative outcomes and implement their applications through cloud technology. As multiple cloud platforms ruling the IT industry, business enterprises get the opportunity to choose the best one for the expansion of their business growth. But at the same time, cloud service providers face certain challenges in making data services easy across multiple clouds.
  2. For now, the cloud has already been segregated into private, public and hybrid clouds. It might be possible that the segmentation of the cloud going to occur in more possible ways in near future. Business enterprises and the IT professionals will be educated to understand which cloud solution best fits them. Different security measures and critical workloads segment the cloud solution. Enterprises will moves to private cloud in future as shared cloud are less secure and slow.
  3. Earlier Hybrid infrastructure is limited to public and private clouds infrastructure. But in future, it will expand to meet the requirements of the business enterprises and support reliability and scalability feature of the offered services. The expansion of the Hybrid infrastructure is necessary for near future to achieve desired user experience.
  4. With the increasing competition in the cloud space results in better products, services and innovations. Cloud providers are speeding to provide best cloud services in comparison to its competitors which will lead to new innovations and ultimately give lucrative results to the consumers and their clients with innovative offerings.

Cloud Computing is creating a new world of jobs, services, platforms, applications and much more. 

It’s the conquering creature that occupies the whole IT market.

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