Future prospects of Mobile App Development

Future prospects of Mobile App Development

Technology has gone far beyond the smartphones and tablets. Mobile developer population is booming.

People are looking forward to utilizing the applications that solve their crucial tasks just with a single touch of a button.


The app developers continue to bloom in the app development market with the cutting edge technologies and innovative ideas. The advanced technology, along with smart business strategies and designs, propels the development of the successful mobile applications. According to a survey conducted, 57.1% organizations are currently developing mobile apps and there would be an increase of 13.2% more organization in next 6 months. Among the organization who develop mobile apps, 88.1% develop apps for tablet PCs while 82.3% are for smartphones.                

Here is a list of some trends that will determine the future prospects of mobile development to be updated on latest trends.

  • Cloud computing apps: The cloud computing technology is increasingly popular in IT industry. There is a rapid deployment of the applications in the cloud using cloud services. Every organization is shifting their databases to cloud network.
  • Service based apps: The service based apps recognize your location and make the service available you are looking for. The services can be buying groceries, calling an electrician or any other daily use activities.
  • Mobile security apps: Mobile security apps will see a higher demand in the coming years as there is a rise in accessing banking applications and private data on smartphones. Mobile security is a next big thing.
  • Optimized Enterprise app: Companies have to develop enterprise apps up to date with the latest technology to provide a good user experience to the customers.
  • Enhancing mobile devices connectivity with other devices: Customized apps are been designed to connect several household appliances including TV set, AC etc. The growing popularity of connected objects will further contribute towards the development of more customized mobile applications.
  • Cross device platform: In future applications are no longer restricted to a single platform. Many enterprises are investing in cross platform app development. Android will rule due to low pricing and high sales. iOS will rule the high-end market.

These latest trends and prospects will thrive the mobile app development market and the app developers demand in IT industry. The mobile application development companies need to be more versatile and adaptable in future to meet the user demands which is moving at a racer speed.

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