Role of cloud computing in IoT evolution

Role of cloud computing in IoT evolution

From the myriad high-tech things that throng the virtual space today and given our overdependence on them, the Internet of Things is bound to emerge as a new way of life, predict technocrats and social scientists. ‘IOT is the future of technology and human existence would largely depend on it’. In all the hype surrounding the internet of things we have forgotten about ‘cloud computing’ and the role it has played in the expansion of the former. Cloud computing has a significant role to play in the growing web of the internet of things.

IoT consists of everyday objects- physical devices, vehicles, buildings etc with embedded electronics, software, sensors and network connectivity, allowing them to collect, send and receive data. The IoT, thus, generates a vast amount of Big data and this in turn puts pressure on the internet infrastructure. As a result this forces companies to find solutions to minimize the pressure and solve the problem of dealing with large amounts of data. This is where cloud computing comes into picture wherein companies are migrating their information operations to the cloud.

As the cloud accumulates more attention and speed gradually, there are a huge number of cloud service providers which are starting to offer pay per use models to organizations. In this way, organizations just need to pay for what the computer resource they utilize.

Some more reasons which feature the significance of the cloud in the world of IoT are:

Decreased cost of ownership: Inflation is a ceaseless hazard which each business needs to confront sometime. The cloud technology gives adequate assets to organizations with the goal that they don’t need to spend much on setting up their framework. Without on location frameworks, software and hardware, the IT department is more centred on its everyday activities, which are regularly an obvious advantage with the cloud.

Business continuity programs: Cloud computing is capable of running organizations even amidst sudden disasters. Since the data is kept up on separate servers, there is no inescapable threat to the private data, making the Cloud a vital piece of internet-based firms.

As a lot of cloud merchants pop up, new businesses will proceed to advance and turn out to be more effective, influencing the technology to stream stronger and smoother. The transition from one source to another will become secure, making the Cloud a solid place to function.

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