Yesterday's Fantasy, Today's Reality- Magic of iOT

Yesterday's Fantasy, Today's Reality- Magic of iOT

Harry, watch out!! Hermione uttered in exasperated breath ‘It’s Scabior and his rogues!’ Seconds after she had uttered these words, a fierce game of catch and chase ensued. Magic flowed. Spells were cast.

The scene had everybody hypnotized....Talking about myself, I was glued to the television set, like a moth to a flame! (Sigh!! As I couldn’t watch the movie in the theatre because its release clashed with my exams).

Such is the allure of magic!! For the longest time, magic has been a part of man’s fantasy and imagination. Well, here’s the good news- what was man’s fantasy for the longest time is today’s reality. Yes, you heard it right! IOT is the three letter ‘magic’ word which has made this possible.

Simply put, IOT can be described as a concept where devices connected over the internet have the ability to interact with each other and us. For instance, what if the refrigerator could tell us if the milk ran out, communicate to us about the lack of a product in its storage, fun wouldn’t it be!! This could only happen by means of the Internet of things. Smart Homes, Wearables, Retail, Smart Cities, Agriculture and Transportation are some of the areas where Internet of Things is already in use.

The IOT is growing at a significant pace and techno pundits predict that it would completely take over the virtual space by 2020. Doesn’t it sound surreal? But, it should not be surprising given the pace at which things are changing today. Everything is quicker, faster. The Wind God is seemingly annoyed!! The brilliance of IOT is indeed hard to put into words. It has also been labelled as the next technological revolution because of its potential to change the dynamics of the world. Yet, there are a sceptical few who view the concept with wariness and suspicion, as is natural for any new idea that is introduced to the world.

The pros to IOT are many- they easily outweigh the cons. Having said that, it is all a matter of perspective. Change is the only constant…..And thus, I truly feel that IOT is the way ahead in technology.

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