HIPAA Certification

iTuple workforce is HIPPA certified which gives credibility to the tasks that we undertake and an edge over those competing businesses.

About us

A professional software development and IT consulting company which started in July 2015 as an experiment. iTuple comprises of an eclectic mix of IT professionals who love the challenge of mastering new technologies and use those to solve complex business problems. Our focus is around leveraging cutting edge technologies to offer  businesses customized and scalable solutions.

Amazon Certified Partner

iTuple has partnered with Amazon which offers reliable, scalable and inexpensive cloud computing services. This simplified single source technology supports you in shaping the future goals, reducing complexity and overall cost. It helps your business to invent new innovative solutions for tech transformations.

Our vision

We strive to be known for providing innovative and efficient solutions to our clients by leveraging cutting edge technologies including but not limited to Cloud Services, Internet of things, Artificial Intelligence and Block Chain.

Our Clients