IBM’s cloud helps you to protect the data (move it, integrate it and unlock intelligence from it) – whether it is the data you possess, data outside your firewall or the data that is coming.


IBM’S AI is adept at performing a wide array of complex tasks. Its AI has begun its foray into the creative digital toolbox, having already helped write pop ballads, mimicked the styles of great painters and informed creative decisions in film making.

Big Data

Big data comes from sensors, devices, video/audio, networks, log files, transnational applications, web, and social media - much of it generated in real time and in a very large scale. Big data analysis allows researchers and business users to make better and faster decisions.


The IBM IOT platform offers a common standard language that devices can use to communicate with the platform using the internet. After the data is received, analytics can be applied and made available to applications to meet the industry-specific needs.

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