IOanyT is a platform that has created its own user interface with IOT devices’ API's which are connected to the Amazon Web Server, thus providing a solution to both the problems of data storage, accuracy, representation and analysis. Developers are having a field day with IOanyT on the forefront coz it is a platform that simplifies the development of complex IOT projects.

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InspectWAY is a tracking system that uses the Global Positioning System to determine and track the exact location of a moving vehicle or a person.

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UVConnect is an innovative Time, Attendance and Leave Management software solution developed for effective workforce management. It enables the employees to manage their time and leaves, and monitor themselves to operate at peak efficiency. The software easily tracks employee absenteeism and accurate working hours.


PIVOTm is a real-time tracking system that determines whether workforce is resourceful to the business enterprise or not.
The software records employee internet activities and provides a detailed report of websites visited and applications used with time. The tracking system figures out the real-time insight of your workforce and categorizes the tasks performed by them under the productive and non-productive category.


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